Our Process

About Us

Beleaf is a Hydroponic Farm currently located in Bogor, Indonesia.

We love our farm and everything that comes with it, as much as you love your family. Beleaf Farms goes the extra mile to ensure how plants are cared for and how you will benefit from it. We innovate, grow, and speak with care, to bring quality to life.

The People

Farming is not just a job, it's a way of life.

Amrit Lakhiani

As a toddler, he was introduced to vegetable farming by his grandfather. Over the years he has grown produce organically for his family and friend’s consumption. Recently, this hobby expanded into hydroponic farming and eventually, its commercialization.

Yanto Budhianto
Farm Manager

His experience in farming ranges over the last decade from orange orchards in Australia to tomato farms in greater Jakarta. His compassion for the farming community and organic produce has lead him to arise as a successful leader for Beleaf Farms.

Where To Find Us